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Realterm gives back.

Advocating for communities across the globe through volunteer and donation efforts.

Dedicated to our communities.

Realterm understands the importance of social responsibility and the role we play in the communities around us and abroad. Community engagement is a key aspect of our dedication to creating a positive impact throughout our business practices. We choose to conduct business in a way that reduces societal risks and increases the opportunities for our community members through philanthropic activities. Realterm is working to create a network of charitable opportunities to better serve our community and create a sustainable net positive impact.

Community engagement across the globe.

Holiday Corporate Giving Program 2023

Our team is honored to partner with food banks and charities across the globe this holiday season. We are grateful to these exceptional organizations for all their hard work and dedication to their communities.

Happy Holidays and Warm Wishes in the New Year!

– The Realterm Team

Leading with responsibility.

Contact the Corporate Giving team

Mike Bodendorf

Senior Vice President,
Global Operations

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Kelly Johnson

Global Vice President,
Corporate Sustainability & Operations

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Lulu Hickey

Administrative Contract Assistant,
Corporate Giving Program Lead

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