Alexi Lachambre, Vice President of Development for Aeroterm, recently lead two panels at TIACA’s annual Air Cargo Forum held in Toronto. The panels focused on how air cargo is an enabler for investment activity and how e-commerce is affecting the distribution logistics landscape. Alexi discussed how airports can better position themselves to capitalize on current global macroeconomic trends like e-commerce, expanding global trade and increasing global passenger and cargo volumes.

A majority of north American airports are currently experiencing tremendous growth. There are key moves that an airport can make in order to maximize the capitalization to be had from the current trends in the cargo distribution logistics being driven by the growth of e-commerce. Airports that are both dynamic and proactive will be able to effectively absorb this additional cargo flow. Airports will need to be able to effectuate significant infrastructure investments quickly to accommodate this additional flow of goods. Additionally airports must be able to integrate aircraft and trucking distribution networks along with additional functional rampside warehouse real estate in order to attract new tenants and retaining existing ones.