Venlo, Netherlands (January 25, 2024) – Realterm is pleased to announce it has secured a building permit for its new IOS (truck parking) facility at Olivier van Noortweg 4 in Venlo, Netherlands. Located strategically in a major logistics corridor, this milestone signifies the successful completion of the permitting process and the future expansion of enhanced transportation and logistical capabilities in the region.

The permit, issued by the local authorities, paves the way for the construction of a state-of-the-art truck parking facility. Designed to meet the growing demands of the transportation industry, the facility will offer approximately 100 truck parking spaces on about 17,000 square meters of land. The project aligns with the broader infrastructure plans for Venlo, contributing to the optimization of logistics operations and bolstering the city’s position as a key hub in the Netherlands.

Notably, the new IOS facility will have a positive impact on the efficiency of goods transportation and overall traffic management in the area. This successful transaction underscores collaborative efforts between public and private sectors to support sustainable and streamlined logistics solutions.

Realterm anticipates starting construction in Q1 2024 that will include:

  • Fully fencing the site with several access points
  • New pavement to facilitate truck and trailer parking
  • Sustainable and state of the art fencing and architectural gates
  • Green landscaping
  • LED lighting
  • Sanitary facilities

The project is expected to be completed in Q2 2024.

Leonie Kierkels

Director, Asset Management,

Robin van der Sluis

Asset Manager, Benelux