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Aeroterm’s specialized design and development process for airport facilities include the following elements: 

Master/Site Planning
With the limited availability of “airside” land at today’s airports, detailed and efficient land use is essential. It is critical to design all projects with two primary factors in mind: 1) Maximizing the highest and best use of the parcel and 2) Incorporating design and utilization flexibility to accommodate potential future shifts in cargo processing and handling trends.

Unique considerations such as Federal Part 77 regulations, Runway Protection Zones (RPZ) and Building Restriction Lines (BRL) must be incorporated into every project. 

Aeroterm carefully studies each site to identify the optimal solutions for the placement of the facility, size of the facility, location of aircraft positions, truck court sizing, auto parking and airside access. Aeroterm site solutions typically include maximizing the facility’s length to provide our tenants with the greatest amount of airside accessibility possible. On the air-side, we provide ample operating space to allow for a wide range of aircraft sizes. On the land-side, we include abundant exterior drive-in truck ramp space to provide our tenants with the flexibility they need to move freight efficiently from aircraft to truck.


Building Design
We recognize the importance of providing our tenants with an efficient facility from the perspective of utility and economics. Aeroterm incorporates efficient second level mezzanine space allowing tenants to locate non-warehouse support offices above the highly valuable warehouse level, where space is best dedicated to the movement of cargo through the facility. 

By designing a continuous mezzanine level instead of utilizing a “pod” approach, we are able to reduce costs for our tenants and improve efficiency. Additional design strategies include a building depth that is optimal for cargo flow, the maximization of both truck-side and air-side overhead doors for convenient access and the effective spacing of structural columns in the warehouse. As a result of our design expertise, Aeroterm realizes lower development costs than our competitors, which in return allows us to offer reduced lease rates to our tenants.

Construction Management
Aeroterm’s in-house development and construction team offers unrivaled experience in the development of highly secure airport projects. Our specialization and years of airport construction knowledge have allowed us to develop highly efficient construction management solutions and to implement proprietary internal construction protocols. 

Our knowledge of developing complex airport environments makes us the best choice for solving the numerous difficult problems associated with airport development. This eliminates the risk of costly errors resulting from mismanaged airport development.

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