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The Sustainability Department is responsible for mandating, directing and leading Realterm in Sustainability efforts. Our department's mission is to maximize sustainability and resiliency by creating a balance between economic viability, functionality, human beings, and the environment through building a healthy and prosperous future for our stakeholders, customers, tenants, and the environment. As global leaders of the logistics supply chain industry, our philosophy ensures profitability, customer satisfaction, and a preparedness to weather the expected and unexpected major shifts of regional and global economies as well as environmental risks for which we operate in.

The Sustainability Oversight Committee provides oversight for the Sustainability Department and discusses, monitors, and promotes the implementation, measurement, and reporting of Realterm's sustainability objectives ongoing. The Sustainability Oversight Committee Members are Paul Underwood, Brian Dowling, Julie Fish, Stephen Panos, Anne-Marie Lacaille, Leslie Wilson, Aaron Sacks, Peter Lesburg, Jason Rosenberg, Bobbie Paquin and Alberto Radice Fossati.

Membership information: TFCD, Support UNSDGs, NARIM, PREA, GRESB, SFDR, EU Taxonomy, 427/Moody’s, Diversity Jobs

Third-party partners: Longevity Partners, Goby and NV5

View our 2020 Annual GRI Compliant Sustainability Report.

Kelly Johnson

Global Vice President
Corporate Sustainability & Operations

Phone: 443.321.2697

Wanda Williams

Assistant Project Manager
Corporate Sustainability & Operations